About us

We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable cutomers.

About GSP

Global Swift Pay is a global payment solutions provider offering instant, safe and convenient payment services to customers and businesses across the globe.

History Of GSP

With a decade and a half of expertise, we pride ourselves on our ever evolving payment products. Our ethos is to always listen to our customers and commit to providing the best service and solutions.

Since its foundation, Global Swift Pay has successfully provided end-to-end, account and card-based payment solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide, offering an instant, safe and fast means of moving money around the world.

24/7 Support

GSP provides whole support to our customers in any condition.

99,9% Availability

We are here to help you and we have all records of your data so you no need to worry.

Secure Payments

Anti-Fraud Technology to keep you safe from fraud transaction and account.

Let's work Together

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You can connect with us via Email.

*Beware of the emails with the question mark on their account profile photo. These are fake emails and not send by Global Swift Pay. Spammers do such emails by using Global Swift Pay’s email address but are not verified with the our servers. So whenever you find an email having an account profile photo with a question mark, stay away from these kinds of emails strictly.