Global Swift Pay Merchant

With the GSP Merchant Account you can instantly accept payments from individuals around the globe, in over 45 currencies, increasing your check out conversions.

It’s free, quick and easy integration to our merchant payments platform means you can start taking payments in no time, with the added benefit of protecting your business from the risk of fraud with our top anti-fraud and security checks.

Instantly Pay Customers And Staff In Over 45 Currencies

GSP Business

With the GSP Business Account, you'll have access to a low-cost and instant means of paying customers, individuals and staff, in their own currency, saving your business time and money.

Our Business Account offers a one stop shop solution for all your payment needs, even to those without a bank account and you can help increase business performance by managing your company’s expenses in real time, with no paperwork.

Start Earning Money With Our Affiliate Program


The GSP Affiliate Program offers you an easy and a safe way to get a guaranteed revenue share for every single purchase that your referrals make by using their GSP Account.
With weekly payouts, easy access to your commission and a personal Affiliate Manager to help advise you, you can start benefiting as an GSP affiliate in no time.

You can connect with us via Email.

*Beware of the emails with the question mark on their account profile photo. These are fake emails and not send by Global Swift Pay. Spammers do such emails by using Global Swift Pay’s email address but are not verified with the our servers. So whenever you find an email having an account profile photo with a question mark, stay away from these kinds of emails strictly.